The two artists ( Imamyar Hasanov and Pezhham Akhavass) have created a passionate and lively journey which the audiences by hearing , experiences feeling of joy and happiness . The softness and speed of Imamyar’s techniques are known by many … Read More »


  This album is the soundtrack to the 8-episode IKON documentary series ‘Om de Oude Wereldzee’ (‘Around the AncientWorld Sea’) based on the travels of Dutch politician Abraham- Kuyper. The documentary filmmakers Hans Hermans and Martin Maat asked bass player … Read More »


Khayyam’s Songs includes two musical compositions for symphony orchestra and the orchestra of Iranian national instruments. 55 quatrains of Omar Khayyam have been compared and contrasted anew and 34 of them are sung here by contemporary singers, each singing a … Read More »


Hesam Inanlou | Kamancheh Navid Afghah | Tombak Tony Overwater | Double bass “The Mirage” is created through the unison of three minds, three perspectives in three geographical regions; same as three lines coming together at one point; a conjunction … Read More »


 BANAFSHE This album is composed by Firouz Aliyev with the focus on the “Tar” . This album is an improvisation between Tar, Piano and Naghareh. In this collection except Dastgāh-e Segah (which is based on Azerbaijan musical intervals also. Known as … Read More »

Rahgozar Haft Eghlim Cultural Artistic Institute