THEN The two artists ( Imamyar Hasanov and Pezhham Akhavass) have created a passionate and lively journey which the audiences by hearing , experiences feeling of joy and happiness . The softness and speed of Imamyar’s techniques are known by many artists. He also by immigrating made his fans to hear Azerbaijan Maqams and his creations and had a great role in introducing Kamancheh and Azerbaijan music. Technique and his sense is so skillful and natural which creates a sense of tranquility and heaven in the listener. Pezhham Akhavas also had an important role in introducing Iranian music at the universities and art centers of America and by performing so many concerts with Iranian and none-Iranian famous musicians played an important role in the recognition of Iranian music. Pezhham Akhavas with fully energetic and high techniques has been consistent with all the moments , and beside of playing Tombak , by using other percussions in his record in studio has created a lot of colors and emotions . One of the other specific points of this collaboration was to connect two cultures which bring a message of peace and friendship, and make a friendly relationship between the culture of Iran and Azerbaijan. Two cultures with ancient root which encompasses countless lovers and enthusiasts in the world . Your hands, full of power and your hearts full of melodies. Hossein Alizâdeh-Summer2017

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